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Compare Average Cost of Furnished Apartments vs Extended Stay Hotels

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Cost of Corporate Housing Compared to Extended Stay Hotels

In 2021, the average cost of corporate housing in the United States is between $150 - $161 dollars per day, with the higher average dollar amount being reported from the most recent data by Corporate Housing Providers Association in 2017. However, pricing for corporate housing is typically set by the month instead of by the day, which means your daily rate will be greatly reduced for longer stays of more than 30 days. At Kansas City Corporate Housing our daily rate can be as low as $70 per day which is a monthly cost for Corporate Housing starting at $2100 per month. Corporate housing prices offer the lowest prices on fully furnished monthly stays compared to alternatives for extended stay lodging like an Airbnb ($3000+ per month) or a hotel room ($4500+ per month), which are significantly more expensive extended-stay properties. Keep reading to understand the full benefits of temporary furnished apartments as you compare costs with other fully furnished short-term rental options.

Furnished Apartments vs Extended Stay Hotels

Furnished Apartments, also called Corporate Housing, are for longer stays in a city that will require lodging for more than just a few days or weeks. Furnished Apartments are set up to offer customers an all-inclusive experience that includes the necessary amenities of home-living, in comparison to hotels and home-sharing sites that may be smaller spaces, shared spaces, or charge by the day, which can be costly over time. If you’re just visiting a city for a short business trip of a few days, extended stay hotels or airbnbs may be the best option. But if your stay lasts longer than a few weeks, furnished apartments are an excellent way to save money, benefit from all-inclusive pricing, and have the space and amenities of home. Read on to learn more about why travelers choose corporate housing instead of extended stay rentals and see our pricing comparison between corporate housing and extended stay hotels or Airbnb's and learn how much corproate housing costs in 2021.

  • For longer stays, costs for Furnished Apartments (also called Corporate Housing or Corporate Apartments) can be 30-50% less than an extended stay hotel or airbnb
  • Fully furnished apartments are move-in ready serving travelers, executives, employees, and families requiring temporary housing during a remodel or relocation
  • Corporate Apartments are cleaned, readied, and inspected prior to the guest's arrival and maintained by an accredited housing authority with a welcoming staff. Especially in a prolonged season of Covid 19 awareness, the amenities and full-service maintenance that corporate housing provides helps to ensure the greatest safety for protection against viruses.
  • Corporate Housing Businesses can provide special rates on furnished apartments for extended monthly stays. When you get started with your application for a corporate apartment, simply ask about special rates.
  • All-Inclusive Pricing typically includes high-speed internet and WIFI, digital cable, utilities, housekeeping, housewares, full-sized washer and dryer, a flat-screen TV, and more